We’re back! Sort of…

Well, it’s been an interesting last few months to say the least. For the first time in a long time, basketball actually stopped (gasp!).

But we are back, or at least on the way there.

Truthfully, the website was one of those things that did not really receive as much attention as we would have liked, what with social media being the prevailing mode of communication. That being said, the Eagles website is going through some changes that we hope to continue to build on moving forward.

Some very quick updates:

  1. We are growing – as you may or may not have noticed prior to COVID-19 taking over, we have seen some really strong growth in terms of our membership to the point where we have reached capacity (more on this). It’s both good and challenging but something we embrace and look forward to being able to support.
  2. We are still looking for parent-volunteers to help push the club forward. For the most part, we need assistant coaches. You may have seen our posts on the Facebook page seeking volunteers. Hit us up if you’re keen! We need you!
  3. Partnerships – this is a really exciting one that, as of this writing, we can’t really discuss in detail as yet but rest assured we have more good news coming our way in this regard.
  4. Resuming comp and training – also in line with comms on the Facebook group, we are working to ensure we can bring everyone back into a safe environment in light of the “new normal”.

Stay tuned for more!

Eagles on 3!

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