Terms & Conditions

Code of Conduct:

A Player,Parent,Coach and Volunteer code of conduct has been implemented by WESTERN SYDNEY EAGLES BASKETBALL INC. All persons wishing to become a member of WSEB Inc. must read, understand and sign this code of conduct. Parents/Guardians must give permission for juniors seeking membership representation for WSEB Inc.


1. I will remember to ALWAYS have FUN.

2. I will abide by the “Players code of Code of Conduct” set out by BNSW at all

times during competions.

3. Basketball is a TEAM sport I will endure to make sure everyone is involved in the game.

4. I will respect all WSEB team officials,coaches and volunteers.

5. I will listen and learn to the best of my ability

6. I will make an effort to attend training and be always punctual.

7. I must turn up and already be ready 15 minutes before game time for proper warm up.

8. I will line up and shake hands with officials and players after the game.

9. I will volunteer a minimum of 1 day during the year for any special

events,clinics and fundraising held by WSEB Inc.

10. I will help mentor and lead the younger players of WSEB Inc.

11. I will not Discriminate and show respect regardless of race,creed,colour,sex or ability.


1. I will be a positive role model for ALL the children not just my child encourage sportsmanship and courtesy to all players,members,coaches,officials and other spectators.

2. I will not engage in any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct with any Officials,Coaches,Player or parents such as booing and taunting refusing to shake hands, using profane language or gestures remember there a children watching,listening and learning.

3. I will never ridicule, yell at my child or other participants for making a mistake of losing a competition.

4. I will respect the officials and coaches for their authority during Games & Practices furthermore I will be respectful to ALL volunteers. I will never question discuss or confront coaches during game and practices but will be able to speak with coaches on a agreed time and place.

5. I will refrain from coaching my child during their games and practice.

6. I understand that I am required to volunteer a minimum of twice a year to help WSEB on special occasions, Clinics and fundraising events as such I am required to get a working with Children’s check and keep up to date.

By signing this form the player and parent both have read and understood the WSEB INC. code of conduct and consent to disciplinary action by their teams head coach which may include loss of playtime or forfeiture of privilege to participate in future programs.

On matters involving serious breach of the code of conducts will be presented a panel selected by the board of committee for discussion and resolution through right of reply

· The league organisers reserve the right to form the teams to ensure the talents of all teams are balanced.

Release of Liability

Although the safety of all sport activities is the primary concern, indoor sport activities at Sport Centre’s facilities may cause injuries and/or death. WESTERN SYDNEY EAGLES BASKETBALL INC. assume the risk of injury, death, and/or illness arising from any cause, and agree to waive the right to pursue any claim against the WESTERN SYDNEY EAGLES BASKETBALL INC. and the persons in charge.

Photograph Consent and Release Form

During participation of Western Sydney Eagles Basketball Inc. activities which are not limited to training,competition and may include fundraising, Team Building,Sports Clinic or any other events when representing WSEB inc. Photographs may be taken during these time that may be used for promotional or social media platforms.



BSB:032371 ACCOUNT:607473


  1. Membership Registration
  2. BNSW Registration over 12 yrs old $150
  3. BNSW Registration under 12 yrs old $100
  4. Mens Registration $125
  5. Men’s team nomination $100
  6. Team Nomination fee junior $80
  7. Training fees $10 WEEKLY
  8. PCYC Membership $10 juniors
  9. Reversible Jerseys are $70 other apparels are also available.
  10. Note: Registration fees do not cover semi finals, grand finals, forfeit fines and individual player fines.

Submitting this registration does NOT guarantee your child a position with WSEBinc. Membership will be reviewed and once approved and ALL requirements are met then a position will be offered.

Club policy stipulates every player must pay for the entire season in advance. There is no reduction or exemption when you are sick, away on holidays or injured. If you need to apply for an exemption due to other unforeseen circumstances this must be done in writing and submitted to the Executive Committee for review at accounts@westernsydneyeagles.com Upon review of each individual case, a decision will be made and confirmed in writing.

As fees changes per season WSEB inc reserves the right to change the fee schedule accordingly but will continue to maintain as accurately as possible.