About Us

Eagles coaching and training staff goofing around!

Why we do it?

The Eagles started due to the lack of opportunity provided within the local community for young kids who wanted to start getting into the sport regardless of their skill level from local clubs.

With the founders’ own children and couple of their friends’, the game of basketball was broken down to its basic fundamentals and training ran for a few hours a week. Word of mouth got out and the group started to grow. From there, it became evident that there was more to basketball than just the sport itself; they saw the opportunity to mentor and encourage the kids to grow into young, mentally as well as physically resilient adolescents who are socially-engaged, show leadership and responsibility, and with strong work ethics.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to succeed by providing and encouraging a “Commitment, Discipline, Family” attitude. Basketball being a sport, winning always comes up. It’s important to understand that winning isn’t all about taking home the trophy or medals or awards but rather developing the mindset of showing up, delivering your personal best, and simply just enjoying and having fun.

Western Sydney Eagles Basketball Inc. officially became a not-for-profit association in July 2018.

How we do it?

Depending on what the child and their parents want to achieve, the children are divided into their respective age groups. Generally, for those starting out, we highly recommend participating in the skills development training before moving into one of our junior competition teams to teach them the fundamentals that will not only help them enjoy the game more but prepare them for competition.

Who does it?

We like to think we are in a partnership with you, the parents. Grass roots organisations like ours rely a lot on volunteers. If you’d like to volunteer to coach or help train, approach one of us during training. Parent-volunteers help us grow and develop the club. Here are a few of them:

Jeffrey Gutierrez
Founder, Director & Head Association Coach

Third Gonzales
Vice President & Club Coach

Nico Soon
Assistant Coach

Moises Urbina
Assistant Coach

Christine Gutierrez
Treasurer & Committee Member

Priya Singh
Assistant Administrator